Monday, March 28, 2011

A terrarium is a natural collage, a tiny world, a piece of the wild brought inside.
In the Shop
Terrariums in Shop - Choose from an array of designs for your home or as a gift.
Make a Terrarium - Come in any time and we will assist you in making your own unique design. No appointment necessary! We ask that you use only materials from the shop.
D.I.Y. at Home - Come in with your own container or materials and we will help you choose the materials you need to make your design at home. We will even give you the instructions to make it easy.
Custom Design - Let us design and build a unique terrarium for you.
Workshops - Sign up for our terrarium intensive workshop and learn the 7 different styles we make, the materials and the fundamentals of making terrariums. All materials included for making our basic terrarium. 
Group Workshops - Call or email if you would like to organize a terrarium  party or group event. Minimum of 5 people needed, maximum of 12 people depending.
Our Book - get inspired and put together a design with Terrarium Craft. 
 Terrarium Workshop Calender
 Thursday evening November 6th 7-8:30pm 
Thursday evening November 20th 7-8:30pm
The fee for the workshop is $35.00, which includes container, plants, moss, lichen, tiny treasures and all the materials to create a basic, personalized terrarium!
Please call 503-232-8224 to prepay and hold your space.
Kids & Terrariums
We are enchanted with terrariums...
We love kids in the shop!
Working with a diverse selection of plants and natural elements, the kids will get hands-on experience in creating their own terrarium.
Includes container, plants, rocks, moss, lichen, and fun little treasures to personalize their terrarium.
Kids are welcome to make terrariums anytime! 
Just come on and we will guide them through a fun, 
creative process.

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